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Village Eatinghouse dressings and marinades equip and inspire you to simply create delicious food

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"This stuff is amazing!! Sweet & Sour, Bold & Sassy, doesn't matter. Each one is as tasty as the last!" -M. Weider

Tart Cherry Poppy Seed Dressing

Why use Village Eatinghouse products?

Making food is a huge part of our everyday lives – 3 times a day for most of us! We believe you shouldn’t feel inadequate or anxious about it. That’s why we provide simple ways to make and serve tasty food with confidence!

Village Eatinghouse products are made for creativity! The sky truly is the limit as to their uses. We have lots of ideas on how to cook with them, but we know you’ll come up with your own amazingly delicious recipes, too.

Plus, they are all natural, handcrafted, made with Apple Cider Vinegar, Gluten Free, Vegan, Low in Sodium, have no MSG, or trans fats, either!

Toss some cooked pasta and veggies with some of our Sweet & Sour Italian Dressing and fall in love with pasta salad all over again.

Stir in some Tart Cherry Poppy Seed Dressing to whipped topping for a mouth-watering fruit dip.

Add some Sultry & Smoky Italian Dressing to your mac n’ cheese to amp it up and blow dinner guests away!

Jazz up your popcorn with a sprinkle of our Italian Spice Phenomenon for your next movie night.

Village Eatinghouse takes the uncertainty out of food preparation. We want you to enjoy your beautiful life AND enjoy everything you eat along the way.

Much love,


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