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Meet Saucemaster Clay and Melanie

We create and produce versatile & flavorful sauces made with Apple Cider Vinegar for you to enjoy with your family & friends.  

Remember the Village Eatinghouse restaurant in Boalsburg from 1985 – 1998? Our catering service from 1985 – 2007? Our Café and Marketplace in Pleasant Gap from 2012 till May of 2015?During all of this time, Clay has been producing a line of Artisan Kitchen Sauces, including the Sweet & Sour Italian Dressing and Marinade, AKA the Best Dressing Ever. Melanie has worked to promote the brand and now these products are the focus of Village Eatinghouse. Clay and Meanie built a commercial kitchen on their home property in Pleasant Gap and set up Village Eatinghouse World Headquarters for production, distribution and sales to meet the increasing demand for their salad dressings, marinades and sauces.

Where to Buy It Near You

Many Local Businesses offer our prodcuts to their customers - You

If you want to find them in your area and don't see them on our list, please contact us with suggestions of great shops, meat markets and farm markets in your area. We are always excited to eplore new locations in and around Central PA.





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