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Our Kitchen Sauces And More

Village Eatinghouse brand Kitchen Sauces have been loved and coveted by your friends and neighbors for 20 years+.

Use them in your kitchen to make your life easier and tastier.

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Sweet & Sour Italian - Order Online Now

Sweet & Sour Italian, the Best Dressing Ever, is a versatile solution for your green salads,  your favorite sandwiches and tossed with your pasta and veggies for an amazing pasta salad. Perfect for a marinate for chicken and pork, especially. Your favorite cuts of beef steaks and roasts respond to the unique power of Apple Cider Vinegar to tenderize and flavor in just the right way. Check out recipes here!   Nutrition Facts and Ingredients here 

Bold & Sassy Italian - Order Online Now!

Bold & Sassy Italian sauce is loaded with tons of Italian spices, slitghtly thick and perfect to use as a BBQ sauce for slathering, a dipping sauce on french fries and chicken tenderloins, etc. Baste it onto pork chops. Saute & Grill fresh pineapple, and don't forget to use it instead of ketchup or regular old BBQ, anytime. Also enjoyable as a crock pot sauce...just add your favorite meat. Check Out Recipes Here.  Nutrition Facts& Ingredients Here 


 Bright & Tangy Italian  - Order Online Now!

Bright & Tangy Italian is a mustard based herb-y sauce, terrific on a hearty chef salad, or when cooking campfire veggies. Use it to dip your favorite pretzels, cheeses, and smoked meats in. We love to make our favorite macaroni salad with it and also add it when we are making deviled eggs. Check Out Recipes Here!  Nutrition & Ingredients Here 


Marvelous Poppy Seed   Order Online Now

Marvelous Poppy Seed treats your taste buds to a multitude of sweet and savory goodness. We love this product on spinach salads, grillled chicken & strawberry salad with nuts and feta, and on fresh fruits. Try brushing onto and grilling pineapple and melon. Use to marinate chicken and turkey or salmon. Tons of Poppy Seeds are suspended in this rich dressing just waiting to be enjoyed. Check out recipes here!    Nutrition Facts and Ingredients here!


Tart Cherry Poppy Seed - Order Online Now

Tart Cherry Poppy Seed takes the original Marvelous Poppy Seed to a new and higher level. Everything you love about the Marvelous Poppy Seed Dressing is intensified by the Tart Cherry juice concentrate we get from a farmer in Michigan. The Tart Cherry Poppyseed dressing is especially nice to marinate salmon and chicken. We also love to add it to whipped topping for a delightful fruit dip.   Check out recipes here!     Nutrition Facts and Ingredients here!


Sultry & Smoky Italian - Order Online Now

This sauce is the perfect companion for your chicken, pork and veggies on the grill. The Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a perfect ingredient for marinades, as it helps to break down the meat for added tenderness. We love this sauce for wings, for drizzling on pizza, sauteeing and also for adding to mac-n-cheese.. Think Buffalo Mac.. Oh yeah, its that good, Adds a little bit of heat and a little smoky mesquite flavor that you will truly enjoy. Check out recipes here!    Nutrition Facts and Ingredients here!



Italian Spice Phenomenon - Order Online Now

This package of herbs and spices makes a great addition to your spice rack, and you won't grow tired of the amazing flavor it adds to your meats and veggies when you use it as a dry rub, add it to your cold deli salads, Sprinkle on sandwiches, pizza, popcorn, potato chips, etc.  We know you'll love it! Check out recipes here!     Nutrition Facts and Ingredients here!