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Our Bottled Kitchen Sauces

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Saucemaster Clay loves being creative in his commerical kitchen, mixing and pouring his Handcrafted Saucesavailable to you at specialty markets in and around Central Pa.

Try these versatile and flavorful sauces, and discover the many flavorful ways to use them. T

hey are all made with Mussleman's Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and tons of flavorful herbs and spices. All Natural, Pantry Safe & Gluten Free.  

Find Your Flavor.. Versatile & Flavorful varieties to choose from. They compliment each other. Don't hestitate to use more than one.

Make Every Day Taste Great.

Find them at a store near you!

Tasty Recipes

Find us selling at Festivals and Fairs in and around Central PA

We recommend:

Dousing salads

Sauteeing veggies

Marinating, roasting and grilling meats, chicken, pork & seafood